◆ISKA Artist

Acopia Thaomi  

出身国:ベトナム (国籍USA)




ISKA ARTISTのAcopia Thaomiがアーティスト活動への感想を書いてくれました!

 Hello! This is Thao My, the first ISKA Artist. Starting off, it’s been already two months as an ISKA Artist and I am incredibly grateful for my time working. The time I spent as an ISKA Artist were meaningful as I was able to use the time to support the cause through dance and art and help build a bigger multicultural society the time is go with help supported by many staff who are all working to create a better society I said every moment I had at ISKA was a fun time. ISKA, International Student Korean Association, had a goal that I knew very well.


Even if the time I had was short, the purpose of ISKA was very meaningful. ISKA is to build a better multicultural world through art. Art, which can mean plentiful activity and colors. Art has always been an important part of my life, and art will always dictate joy and sadness. But it is through art we also form bonds. Bonds that I hope will guide Korea and the World to being more and more accepting. Maybe it’ll take one step at a time. Maybe it will take just one dance performance or one beautiful painting, but the progress will happen.


Acopia gave me great opportunities to work with great staff that simultaneously helped me work on my own skills while doing ISKA activities. With weekly vocal and dance lessons, I could better hone my own art practice. From here on out, I know I can do nothing but improve and that ISKA was a great part in guiding my career and my goals. I am a different person after being involved in ISKA, for the better. Although the work was busy and often much at times, unlike other work, it was all meaningful for a cause. ISKA activities are done with reason and purpose that anyone can respect. 


Due to the global predicament of COVID-19, many opportunities to share my performances were cancelled or unavailable. Coming to Korea alone, I was excited to do nothing but perform. But this was not an option as following my entry in July, cases would just go up and up. The weekly ISKA live performances helped this, and all while spreading that ever so important message. Every week alongside Acopia Dani, I was able to work on crucial skills. Singing is no means my strong point, and through diligent work with the teachers at Acopia I am improving step by step.

Every part of ISKA production was working just as hard. From the cameras to the video editing, ISKA was clean and polished. I want to first thank the staff for their time working with me. I was not perfect, but I believed in this cause of art as a medium to propel global societal growth. Acopia Dani made the preparation and performances fun and was a reliable “eonnie” to place my back on working together. ISKA Thao My is signing off, but the ISKA message stays. Let’s build a better multicultural society, through art!~