◆ISKA Artist

 株式会社KOREA PLAZA HIROBAは、NPOP法人アジア希望キャンプ機構(ACOPIA)の協力会社です。芸能事務所(大衆文化芸術企画業)として登録されています。

KOREA PLAZA HIROBAは2021年7月から多文化社会を応援するISKA芸能活動を行うことになりました。日本とアジア各国からメンバーを随時募集中です。












KOREA PLAZA HIROBA Co., Ltd. is a partner company of NPO Asia Hope Camp Organization (ACOPIA). It is registered as an entertainment agency (popular culture and art planning business). 

KOREA PLAZA HIROBA will carry out ISKA entertainment activities to support a multicultural society from 2021. We are always looking for members from Japan and other Asian countries.

・ Acopia House will be provided.

・ Training (dance / vocal / composition / Korean) will be provided.

・ Management is provided.

Trainees work under an ISKA entertainer contract. The contract period is 6 months and can be extended. We will be active in multicultural exchange events and stages between Japan and Korea and the world. We also support Asian youth painters. If you would like to participate in ISKA, please apply.

◆ How to apply for ISKA

・ Please send Self-introduction, photos and videos by email.

・ Acopia.iska@gmail.com

◆ Eligibility for application

・ country of origin:Japan, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, East Timor, Philippines, Bhutan, Brunei, Malaysia, Myanmar, Maldives, Mongolia, Laos, Uzbekistan, Kirgis, Russia, Ukrainian, Belarus

・ Age:18~27 years old.

Acopia Thaomi  

出身国:ベトナム (国籍USA)